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August 1st - August 13th

  13 days to

   Social Media


Cultivate your passion into a visible and Influencial BRAND! 

For you were made for such a time as this!

to Social Media BREAKTHROUGH is designed to help you discover and establish your true personal BRAND on and off social media while utilizing your Social media platforms to add value to others, create scroll stopping content, and boost your influence and engagement online! 

Receive Exclusive Access to 13 days of Live, hands-on Coaching! 

As of this year, there are over 3.8 Billion active Social Media users, and this number is rising!


Social Media Platforms are very powerful tools that can be used for Connecting, Influencing, Expressing and/or growing your Business in an incredible way! However, we are competing with over 600,000 pieces of content daily. Not to mention that MOST Social Media users are not only in a place where they are struggling with their identity or walking in the purpose, but they also have NOT had any extensive training on how to use Social Media in a way that will actually get their content noticed and attract their true tribe of people to them!

As a certified Life Purpose/ Social Media Coach I will provide you with the tools you need to get
motivated, discover your true personal BRAND, create beautiful graphics and content that will stop the scroll and how to become a true influencer so you can not only walk in your purpose unapologetically, but also grow your business organically and change peoples lives along the way! 

13 Day Challenge

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Sneak Peak

What to expect over the 13 day Challenge. 

In the group and Live trainings you will experience and learn:

* BRANDING and walking in your purpose.
* How to become a Social Media Influencer.
* Content Creation - How to stop a scroll and get noticed.
* Instagram training
* Facebook training
* What NOT to do when using Social Media.

* Cultivating a powerful mindset.
* Staying Motivated and creating Consistency.
* App Tutorials
* Challenge Posts to boost engagement on your profile. 
* FREE Content
* And MORE!!


By the end of the Challenge you will:

* Have a clear vision of your purpose and BRAND (Identity).

* Have tools and resources to boost your Social Media presence. 
* Understand what a Social Media Influencer & Content Creator is and how you can become one! 
* Know the POWER of adding value through your platforms and why it is so vital!
* Know how to work certain APP's to create images and videos that will stand out online! 
* Be equipped to create beautiful and unique Content to explode your Biz' or passions online. 
* Find that confidence to do more Facebook LIVES!
* Understanding on how to improve and strengthen your mindset. 
* Think differently about your thoughts, choices and actions. 
* Have a clear vision of how to work Instagram and Facebook platforms. 
* Have an opportunity to obtain FULL access into our Social Culture Community! 

Heather Tripp

Is a Christian Wife and Mom of 4 who has a deep love and passion for God, People, and living life with purpose and abundance! 

Social Media Platforms have developed into a vital tool used by millions of people from small business owners and network marketers to stay at home moms to connect, share hobbies, raise awareness, provide income, educate and expand popularity.

The problem is that the majority of Social Media users have had little to no training when it comes to the actual platforms, how they work or how to create a post that will literally stop someone in their scroll to engage with what you have to share.

Poor graphics and content, copy and pasting posts, group spamming, cold messaging, product or business overloads on feeds and even attracting the wrong tribe or not speaking to your audience in a relatable/influential way can really hurt your algorithm thus you may get little to no engagement or exposure! Not to mention that far to many people are confused about who they really are, what their purpose is or how to express themselves online in a way that could explode their influence and following.

Does this sound like something you can relate to?

A few years ago I found myself in this very situation! I was a stay at home mom for 3 years at that point and was trying desperately to grow my business online so I could continue to stay home with my children and ultimately bring my Husband home too! But I honestly had no idea what I was really doing with my platforms, I was getting little to no engagement  and I was also in a place where I felt like I completely lost my identity and purpose other than being a really good mom and wife. I knew God had more for me, I just didn’t know what! 

4 years ago I met a woman who changed my life in the most incredible way! She has built an Empire online that has given her a mass following and provides her and her family with multiple streams of income! And she did it all through Content Creation and Influence! She has been my mentor and Coach for the past 2 years in which I have learned and applied so much of it and I can not believe the way I have grown and developed into the person I always wanted to be.

I have finally become someone who has the confidence and boldness to know who I am and what I want and to get out in the world to inspire, influence and change others lives for the better while growing my business in a way that allows my husband and I to stay home with our children, be our own boss, and build and orphanage in Uganda, Africa!!

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